Tài liệu Tổng hợp Test tiếng anh ôn thi công chức

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TÀI LIỆU Tổng hợp Test tiếng anh ôn thi công chức

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  2. Giới thiệu tài liệu Tổng hợp Test tiếng anh ôn thi công chức

    Trích trong tài liệu

    1. a. coach b. cull c. cease d. cut

    2. a. bureau b. durable c. pure d. pull

    3. a. study b. hull c. bull d. hut

    4. a. gar b. garlic c. garage d. garbage

    5. a. gentle b. gay c. great d. gate

    6. a. master b. ask c. absent d. cast

    Find the mistakes
    7. Although there are approximately 120 intensive language institutes in the United States in 1970, there are more than three times as many now.
    a. are
    b. approximately
    c. in
    d. three times as many

    8. Cartographers did not make an accurate map because the political situation in the area changes so rapidly that they were not able to draw the boundaries correctly.
    a. changes
    b. so
    c. to draw
    d. correctly

    9. This year designers are showing very bright colors and styles that were worn closer to the body than those shown last year.
    a. very
    b. were
    c. than
    d. those

    10. Everyone who saw Star Wars said that it is one of the best science fiction movies that had ever been released.
    a. who
    b. is
    c. the best
    d. been

    11. Before he retired last April, Mr. Thompson is working as foreign student advisor for thirty years at Community College.
    a. retired
    b. last April
    c. is working
    d. for thirty years

    Grammar and Vocabulary
    12. She couldn't . her children to his care.
    a. admit
    b. confide
    c. trust
    d. convince

    13. It was an extraordinary villa. It was quite .
    a. extreme
    b. funny
    c. big
    d. exceptional

    14. His answer was so confused that the teacher could hardly make any . of it at all.
    a. meaning
    b. interpretation
    c. intelligibility
    d. sense

    15. Commodities were sent from various parts of the world. They came from parts.
    a. difference
    b. same
    c. different
    d. differently

    16. An old man taught her how the violin.
    a. play
    b. playing
    c. to play
    d. played

    17. There was a great deal of machinery. This means there .
    a. was one big machine
    b. was one big engine
    c. were many machines
    d. was one powerful machine

    18. Mr Pike's passport . last month, so he will have to get a new one.
    a. ended
    b. elapsed
    c. expired
    d. researched

    19. There were ten million viewers in all. That was the
    a. all
    b. whole
    c. result
    d. total

    20. "Where ?" "In London."
    a. were you born
    b. are you born
    c. have you been born
    d. did you born

    21. Hospitals were built with the profits. They were built with the .
    a. benefits
    b. earnings
    c. winnings
    d. excesses

    22. Nam . to school alone if Tam doesn't come.
    a. goes
    b. will go
    c. had gone
    d. went

    23. This girl was fast asleep. She has a sleep.
    a. deeply
    b. sound
    c. quick
    d. soundly

    24. He doesn't want to let me . he was going out.
    a. to know
    b. knew
    c. knows
    d. know

    25. He got a ladder from the shed. He . one.
    a. fetched
    b. took
    c. brought
    d. carried

    26. We . everything we can to help you!
    a. do
    b. shall do
    c. would do
    d. had done

    27. My boss spoke in a sarcastic voice. He spoke in a voice.
    a. critical
    b. laughing
    c. despicable
    d. mocking

    28. I'll have Mary . . the umbrella to you immediately.
    a. take
    b. to take
    c. taking
    d. took

    29. His daughter nearly fell off the ladder. She nearly .
    a. fell in
    b. fell over
    c. fell down
    d. fell away

    30. . what he is saying?
    a. Do you understand
    b. Did you understand
    c. You understand
    d. You understood

    31. If I walk in with muddy boots, Dad always me.
    a. scolds
    b. beats
    c. rebukes
    d. both a & c are correct

    32. I wish I a famous singer.
    a. am
    b. be
    c. will be
    d. were

    33. When the company had to close because of economic difficulties, he became .
    a. inconsiderate
    b. affected
    c. redundant
    d. concerned

    34. It's 5 months since I last . to her.
    a. talk
    b. talking
    c. talked
    d. have talked

    35. This summer resort is absolutely wonderful and I’d . it to anyone.
    a. recommend
    b. talk
    c. praise
    d. accommodate

    36. “Can we begin the test?” “We can’t unless the teacher so.”
    a. will say
    b. is saying
    c. shall say
    d. says

    37. When was the last time she . . her bedroom?
    a. cleaned
    b. clean
    c. have cleaned
    d. are cleaning

    38. We had to walk since we couldn’t to take a bus.
    a. afford
    b. be wealthy
    c. supply
    d. furnish

    39. Whose child he is?
    a. do you think
    b. have you thought
    c. will you think
    d. were you thinking

    40. Our life would be very difficult without
    a. luxury furniture
    b. water
    c. saving-labor machines
    d. electricity

    41. I felt embarrassed when I . . in front of the class.
    a. stand up
    b. will stand up
    c. stood up
    d. are standing up

    42. The boy took a long on his first morning at camp.
    a. horseback ride
    b. walk
    c. bicycle ride
    d. swim

    43. It was . lovely weather that we spent the whole day on the beach.
    a. so
    b. such a
    c. so a
    d. such

    44. After retiring, my aunt spent her on an expensive holiday.
    a. dollars
    b. accounts
    c. savings
    d. cheques

    45. . games without asking for my permission.
    a. Do not play
    b. Not play
    c. Won't play
    d. Didn't play

    46. My . is collecting coins from all over the world.
    a. pastime
    b. career
    c. business
    d. vocation

    47. Never . too much wine.
    a. drink
    b. have drunk
    c. to drink
    d. drinking

    48. Mr. Pike should . the speech of welcome.
    a. do
    b. make
    c. have
    d. speak

    49. I am working. Please do talking.
    a. stopping
    b. stopped
    c. being stopped
    d. stop

    50. Smoking is . in many companies in our country.
    a. permitted
    b. taught
    c. banned
    d. stopped

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    thanhhoatq1988 Đang Ngoại tuyến Thành viên
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    Thanks, tài liệu rất hay.

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    thanhhoatq1988 Đang Ngoại tuyến Thành viên
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    Thanks, tài liệu rất hay.

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    yamink Đang Ngoại tuyến Thành viên
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    khả năng trình bày vẫn chưa được đẹp, nhưng luận văn có nội dung bao quát, đầy đủ ý. good.

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    nguyenha08 Đang Ngoại tuyến Thành viên
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    Trang này toàn tài liệu hay nhỉ.

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    Trang này toàn tài liệu hay nhỉ.

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    duy quý Đang Ngoại tuyến Thành viên
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    thanks nhiều

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    nguyenthimaihong Đang Ngoại tuyến Thành viên
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    Nhìn chung toàn bộ thì ổn, còn đôi chỗ phải chỉnh sửa, nhưng có thể dựa vào sườn này để hoàn thiện. Thanks bạn!

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    Tran Ha Linh Đang Ngoại tuyến Thành viên
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    mifu Đang Ngoại tuyến Thành viên
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    Tài liệu hay, hỗ trợ nhiệt tình.

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